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Don’t you just love re-reading your favourite books? Even though you already know the storyline it’s so comforting to immerse yourself in characters that feel like old friends. I’m a HUGE bookworm and love nothing more than curling up with a good book, I can get lost in a story for hours!

I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since I was 11; I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione, following their triumphs and anguishes as if they were my own. (Told you I was a serious bookworm!)

Every time I open them up again I find some new detail that I missed before, just small things, but it makes them seem more real.

I’m currently on the 6th book (Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince), and I’m painfully aware that there’s only one book left to go. No matter how many times I re-read the series, I still get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach when I know that the adventure is going to come an end.

What am I going to do when I finish?! Guess I better browse my bookshelf & kindle for something else to get lost in….

Do you have any favourites that you constantly re-read? I’d love some suggestions to add to my shelf!


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