Dark nights…


The dark nights are drawing in and the fact that it’s getting chillier is getting me very excited for Autumn! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sunshine but there’s just something so cosy about this time of year.

I’m also super excited because I bought a new candle and it smells divine! I’ve been hunting for a Autumn themed candle for a while but found that some were ridiculously out of my price range or couldn’t be shipped to the UK (Bath & Body Works I’m looking at you!). There were a few that I was definitely tempted by, especially this one from melt, but I found Amber Moon by Yankee Candle, which was just perfect!

It’s such a warm and relaxing scent and makes my house smell amazing. I’ve even caught my boyfriend lighting this one up and he’s not a big candle lover! I could just envision myself snuggled up under a blanket breathing in it’s gorgeous smell, but I stumbled across a problem….. I didn’t own a blanket (drat!).

Luckily, after flicking through the new ASDA magazine I spotted a beautiful orange check blanket and snapped it up! It’s so soft and at only £10 a complete bargain! Problem solved! Well, after I wrestle it away from the a-for mentioned boyfriend anyway. Sigh.

Here’s a few things I really love about Autumn:


Lots of candles!


Hats, scarves & gloves

Chilly, misty mornings

Cosy socks

Autumn baking

Leaves changing colour

Hot chocolate

What do you love about Autumn?



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