Bucket List


This is a bit of a random post but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot and I decided to put it into action. I’m one of those people who says ‘I’d love to try that/go there’, but I rarely follow through. Not out of laziness or lack of ambition I just forget about my brilliant idea and carry on with daily life.


All the things I’ve ever thought ‘I’d love to try that/go there’, however big or small, are going on a bucket list and hopefully I’ll be able to complete some of them on this blog. As I change my mind regularly about EVERYTHING (except peanut M&M’s – they are and always will be amazing), I can guarantee that my bucket list will constantly change and update. But here are a few things to get me started…

  1. Travel around Italy; I love pizza & pasta but it’s not just the food that attracts me. Italy has long been a place I want to visit; Verona, Florence, Rome, Sorrento, the list goes on.
  2. Pet a penguin; Penguins are my all time favourite animal; they’re so cute!
  3. Sleep in a Treehouse; Imagine waking up to be surrounded by the sounds of the forest; yes please!
  4. Make a rainbow cake; It may sound simple, but I love cake.
  5. Have children; Now this is a very long-term one. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I definitely want to be a Mum someday.
  6. Go on the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour in London; I’ve grown up with these books and films and this would be the ultimate experience!
  7. Own a dog; Again, this could be a long term goal. We always had a dog as kids and I just feel like they complete a family.
  8. Give blood; This is something I’ve always wanted to but I’ve been ever so slightly scared. So it’s time to sort this out!

What’s on your bucket list?


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