Fall Nails



During the summer I was craving bright, pastel shades for my nails, but as Autumn has well and truly set in the colours coming out of my nail box are darker and more muted tones including reds, greys, browns and berries.

I love having my nails done, however I’m constantly chipping my polish as I run around doing this and that, so don’t often sit down and pamper them the way I should. I tend to have gelish on my nails as I find it lasts so much longer and I don’t have to be as careful, but I go through periods of wanting to paint them myself. If I’m going to do them I need a whole night (and I mean a few hours at least), so this doesn’t often happen as I want to get up and do things which would not make my nails very happy and then they’re ruined! If I do manage to convince myself to sit still long enough to make my nails shine with a fresh coat of polish I head straight to bed to avoid damaging them too soon.

My favourite at the moment is the Rimmel by Rita Ora in Rain Rain Go Away; it’s a light grey shade and looks so sophisticated and classic when applied. I’ve always loved Rimmel nail polishes as I find they apply really easily and give a lovely finish. The Berries and Cream shade is gorgeous, it’s more of a pinky shade than it shows up as in the photo and is just so dreamy I can’t stop staring at my nails.

The Barry M polish is one I tend to keep on my toes, its a beautiful deep purple, but still manages to be quite bright at the same time.

The Avon Gel Finishes were an impulse purchase when flicking through my Mum’s Avon catalogue (which I now ask her to hide so I don’t spend my entire wage in it!). Like I said before, I tend to have Gelish on my nails as it lasts longer, so when I saw the word ‘gel finish’ I was sucked in! I find that they don’t actually last any longer than my regular nail polishes, but I still love the shades that are on offer.

There are still a few colours that I’m desperate to add to my Autumn collection such as a midnight blue and a maroon colour. Do you have any favourite shades for Autumn?

Bring on the beautiful nails!

 (If I can sit still long enough that is…)

Nail Colours Featured

60 Seconds Super Shine Rimmel by Rita Ora  – Rain Rain Go Away

60 Seconds Super Shine Rimmel  Berries and Cream

Barry M Gelly Hi ShinePlum

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel  – I can’t find these shades on the Avon website as they are from last year, however there are a great range of colours in the gel finish collection! My personal favourites are Antarctica and Wine and Dine Me.

PS: sorry for the rubbish photo quality, my camera so didn’t want to play that day 😦


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