Lazy Days


Don’t you just love a lazy day?

Wrapped up in a blanket, with a cup of tea in hand, a gorgeous smelling candle alight and your favourite show playing. These can be rare for me, if I know there are things I could/should be doing then I can’t sit still!

However, I managed to have a wonderful lazy day last Saturday (I must admit, I did start the day with a bit of cleaning so half a lazy day really!). With my boyfriend away for the day I settled down with a cup of tea and my ipad to indulge in some Sacconejolys, which is my current obsession. I love watching little Emilia and Eduardo running around, with Jonathan joking about and Anna holding everything together while still looking gorgeous! I did this for a few hours then moved on to watching cooking shows on the TV, which is dangerous if your hungry.

Then I ventured out in the late afternoon with my Mum to do a spot of shopping. She buys myself, my sister and brother a new set of pyjamas every year for Christmas and this year she was being super organised! We leisurely strolled round the shops after picking out new pjs, thoroughly enjoying ourselves in John Lewis with the vast array of Christmas decorations they have, I’m definitely making a return trip there! In Topshop I found the most comfortable pair of tassel slipper shoes EVER! I’m hoping to include them in an outfit post real soon.

I even managed to take photos for my blog and pre-write a few posts (go me!), a very successful lazy-ish day if you ask me.

What do you do on a lazy day?


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