Holiday Blues

What with the weather acting like a toddler, storming and rainy one minute and all smiles and sunshine the next, I have a serious case of the holiday blues. I mean come on June, your meant to be the start of Summer! So far, the furthest my sandals have gotten is to the front door, before they’re swiftly changed for shoes which won’t leave my feet wet and cold. My sunglasses are neatly nestled next to my umbrella in my handbag and as for a jacket, I’m constantly walking around with three different options in case the sun makes an appearance. I feel slightly like a pack mule.

The reason behind my mood slump is that I recently jetted off with the family for a week in the sunshine, it was great to just sit back, chill and catch up. My sister lives a fair bit away and so it was especially nice to spend time with her and my nephew.

We stayed in a typically styled Spanish villa (albeit with a 70’s vibe), with a huge swimming pool and beautiful view. It was within a small village called Cala Fustera, an hour outside of Benidorm and was just pure bliss.

Feeling the sun warming my face has always been one of my favourite feelings ever and is an instant mood lifter. So you can understand why the British weather is causing me to reminiscence and (ultimately) torture myself by dreaming of blue skies, short shorts and afternoon siestas on a sun lounger.

Hopefully the weather will pick up soon and my sandals will finally make it past the front door this month, but while we wait I’ll include a few holiday photos for us all to moon over.





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