A teacup fit for a Queen


Last weekend I took my Brownie unit away on their first pack holiday. It was so exciting and exhausting at the same time, the girls behaved like angels and seeing them enjoy themselves so much made me really happy.

Our theme for the weekend was ‘A Royal Tea Party’ in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. As well as having a tea party, the girls made tiaras, decorated bunting and took part in a special Queen quiz.

My ultimate favourite though was the edible teacup, which is why I wanted to include them in a post. They are so quick and easy to make and the girls were absolutely obsessed with posing with them and pretending to drink tea ‘poshly’ (which involved sticking their pinkies in the air). I’m told they tasted amazing too, although I can’t confirm this firsthand as they disappeared pretty quick!

You need:

  • ice cream cones; with the ends cut off
  • shortcake biscuits
  • jelly beans
  • jelly rings (I used the ring end of some jelly dummies as I couldn’t find actual rings)
  • icing sugar


First, cover the middle of the shortcake biscuit with icing sugar and gently press the top of the ice cream cone onto it. Place a jelly ring inside the ice cream cone (this helps keep the shape of the cup).

Cut a jelly ring in half and using icing sugar attach it to the side of the cone as a handle. Finally, fill your cup to the top with jellybeans!

I cannot get over how cute they look!

More tea ma’am?





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