Camera Goals


DSC_0526One of the first things that draws me to a blog is the photos; I’m a very visual person and if the photos are well put together and well lit then it’s a given that I’ll read the post. I also love collecting memories through photos as just looking through them can transport me back to that moment and make me smile.

This said, I’m always looking for ways to upgrade my photography skills and just before Christmas I became so frustrated with my camera as I couldn’t get the quality pictures I wanted. I began searching for a replacement and finally decided that a DSLR was the best way to go.I didn’t want anything too complicated as I’m a complete newbie to blog photography, so I settled on a Nikon D3300.

I’ve had a good play around with all the settings and have straight away noticed a drastic improvement in the quality of my photos, both personal and for blogging. Now I need to delve into the scary world of shooting in manual, I’m definitely no good with all the different terminology and can guarantee there will be a few tantrums from both myself and the camera. But hopefully, with time I’ll learn some new tricks which will benefit this blog.

So, watch this space….


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