All the colours of the rainbow…


One of the most exciting and difficult things to decide on for our wedding was the colour scheme. I am a huge colour lover and my favourite colour is dependent on the season and my mood. For some people having a firm favourite colour will make picking a wedding scheme pretty easy, but for me I always knew it would be hard to settle on one.

Throughout all of my wedding planning Pinterest has become my very best friend, I turn to it for everything, from colours and dresses to favours and flowers. It’s given me so many ideas that my head is literally bursting!

One thing I always knew was that I didn’t want just one colour that covered every aspect of the day, I wanted a muted palette of shades that complimented each other and didn’t take over everyone’s attention.

My first choice was a soft blush pink. I’ve never been much of a pink girl, but there’s something about that delicate shade that screamed WEDDING to me. It’s so pale that it works well with a variety of other colours and can be run across flowers, dresses, favours etc. without been overpowering. After endlessly scouring pinterest and seeing this colour pop up everywhere, I couldn’t resist.

Blush Pink


The next colour added to our wedding palette was a no brainer for me. Ivory is such a classic and traditional colour and can be mixed with anything and everything.


The final colour we decided on happened as kind of a mistake. I had really wanted blush pink bridesmaid dresses, but with their fair skin tones the colour did nothing for them. Instead after trying a multitude of styles in different shades, we found that a soft, pale grey complimented all the girls well. It’s not a shade I ever thought about for a wedding, but mixed with the pink and ivory it gives the soft romantic feel that I was aiming for.

Soft Grey

There other colours that we want to mix in along the way, but I’m sure we’ll change our minds and we have to keep some of it secret!

If your umming and ahhing over your own wedding colours I would suggest to first think about the season, you want something that will suit the time of year. I’ve always loved deep, rich colours for Autumn and Winter and muted, pastel shades for Spring and Summer. Second, you need to love the colours too! There’s no point settling on a shade that you only half heartedly like, just because you’ve seen it in a lot of weddings.

I hope you enjoy exploring your own rainbow!


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