Summer Wedding Guest

I sometimes find shopping for a wedding outfit difficult; too casual and you look like you haven’t made any effort, but too smart and you can look waaayy too corporate and overdressed. Knowing where the wedding is going to be held and the season always has a big influence on what I choose to wear.

The wedding we were invited to was held in a gorgeous country hotel with acres of lawn, so I wanted something cute but sophisticated. I love weddings and especially in the summer, when everyone can sit outside late into the evening with a glass of prosecco in hand.

During the summer there are so many different options to choose from, floaty maxi dresses, lace midi dresses or a two piece ensemble, pastels, florals or a bright block colour, the options are endless!

In the end I opted for a pastel pink/nude skirt with a strappy white camisole, grey blazer and grey suede block heels, I finished off the look with a coral pink patent clutch bag. I also found it hilarious that the colours of my outfit matched with the colour palette for our wedding, obviously obsessed!


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2 thoughts on “Summer Wedding Guest

  1. Love this outfit! If only you could tell me what to buy and then wear for the wedding I’m going to this weekend haha! Xx


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