Tea for two?


Afternoon Tea1Please excuse the quality of the photo; this was taken on my iPhone.

For a country that loves a good cuppa as much as us Brits do, there’s every reason to celebrate that afternoon tea is becoming more and more popular. No longer just reserved for little old ladies, it appeals to all ages and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries or simply as an excuse to catch up with girlfriends over delicious cakes and sandwiches.

With shows like The Great British Bake Off storming into our lives and inspiring everyone to pick up a wooden spoon and bake to their hearts content, it’s no surprise that afternoon tea is a very fashionable way to spend your day (as well as delicious!)

The suggestion of sitting in a  cosy kitsch tea room filling my face with cake and countless cups of tea makes me very giddy, so when my friend and I decided to visit Kitchen in Howden in the East Riding of Yorkshire I was beyond excited. The prospect of delicate finger sandwiches was not the only reason for my enthusiasm; the Kitchen tea room also boasts a deli where you can purchase the many delights they freshly make, from sandwiches and pork pies to pastries and muffins. And if this wasn’t enough they also stock gorgeous household items, which decorate the tea room and as I looked through all the pots, mugs, aprons, etc. I couldn’t help but start a mental list of who would appreciate these as gifts.

 The tearoom itself is on the cosy side and even on a Wednesday lunch time we still had to queue for a table (they don’t take bookings). However, I was not complaining as that gave me more time to salivate over the deli counter and dream of what I was going to eat.

As you can see from the photo, the selection of cakes and sandwiches given was amazing and we wasted no time in gorging ourselves stupid! I will definitely be making a return trip very soon.


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