Sisterly Ties

If your not a nostalgic person, turn away now, this post could get soppy!

Family, for me, is the most important thing in the world. I love being surrounded by them and basking in their general loveliness. Yes, they drive me insane, but I wouldn’t change them for anything.

I have always been a homebird and that is part and parcel of being lucky enough to have most of my immediate family living very close to me. With a younger brother and sister I was never lonely as a child and with a large extended family there were always gatherings and parties to go too.

I had a visit from my younger sister recently and it got me thinking about the relationship we share and how incredibly lucky I am.

Unfortunately, my sister lives a fair drive away now and I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like. When we were younger our relationship was very intense, we were best friends one minute and worst enemies then next, but as we’ve grown into adults I’ve found that our relationship grew with us and I can appreciate the closeness that we share. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life with her.

She is such an inspirational person to me and I often find myself thinking ‘How would she handle this..’, she’s a very strong young woman and I’m very grateful to have her presence to steady me if I need it.

My sister reminds me of superwoman in the way she juggles so many different hats; mother, partner, sister, daughter, colleague, friend and gives each of those areas just as much effort as the others.

She is stubborn, headstrong, gentle, kind, intelligent, beautiful and so much more. I’m incredibly proud to call her mine.

 Hopefully she won’t kill me for following photo!

Norfolk Broads1

Myself, my brother & my sister chilling casually in our life jackets on the Norfolk Broads.


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