What’s in my bag?

First off, let’s start with the bag itself. I tend to change bags depending on the season and what I’m doing, recently I have been favouring my leather backpack from Oasis. It may look small, but I can pack a lot in there!



PurseMy Vivienne Westwood purse was a present from my boyfriend a few Christmas’ ago and I absolutely love it. It has room for all my cards as well as a separate zipped pocket for change, I can’t seem to say no to a points card so the space really comes in handy!

UmbrellaI always carry an umbrella, even when the sun’s blaring, you can never be too prepared! This one is a totes one and has lasted longer than all my others, I have a tendency to lose my umbrellas.

Topshop Sunglasses- These have made a regular appearance in my bag since around May and even though I’ve had them for around 3 years I still can’t bear to part with them. The tortoiseshell effect around the top of the lens is beautiful and the shape of the glasses are very flattering.

Hand Cream – Whether it’s summer or winter my hands are always dry, so this is essential.

Phone – Standard.

Impulse Body Spray  – Impulse have a range of gorgeous scents, this one is rose and grapefruit so is sweet and fresh. They’re a great size too.

Comb – For hair emergencies.

Nail File – I’m constantly breaking nails, so  this is a necessity.

Chewing Gum – For those dodgy breath moments… we all have them!


My Audrey Lewis cosmetic bag is from TK Maxx and is definitely very grubby from been chucked in whatever bag I’m using.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste – Currently I’m having Invisalign treatment which means I have to clean my teeth after every meal, so these come everywhere with me!

Hairbands – Just like the comb, for hair emergencies.

Plasters – A ‘just in case’ item, I always have a couple.

Ibprofen – Another ‘just in case’ item.

Burts Bees Lipbalm – This is such a classic. It leaves my lips incredibly soft and tastes of peppermint, yum!


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