Three ways to wear ASOS denim dress

Over the August summer holidays I’ve found myself reaching for my denim dungaree dress over any other item in my wardrobe. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and goes with practically everything, so I thought I’d show you a few different ways to style it.

My dress is from ASOS and cost around £25, but they’re so easily accessible I’m sure you could find one anywhere! Even now as we’re moving into Autumn I’ll definitely still be wearing this bad boy just with the added warmth of a pair of tights or boots.



1. Long sleeved black crop top, rucksack, sunglasses and grey Nike trainers. A comfortable, but stylish way to wear this dress. From shopping with friends to having Sunday lunch with the family, this look covers it all for me.


2. Long sleeved check shirt, tan lace-up suede sandals and a fringed bucket bag. This is my boho take on the dress, a weekend picnic or festival would be the perfect place to show this one off.


3. Slouchy acid-wash t-shirt and birkenstocks. This is one I tend to wear when I’m spending my day mooching around the house or running errands. It’s casual, but if you need to rush out for any reason you still look like you’ve an effort.




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