Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

Finding the right wedding venue to say your ‘ I Do’s’ in, can be overwhelming.

Nowadays there are so many different and gorgeous venues to choose from; picture perfect country barns, grand stately homes, relaxed seaside settings, the list goes on! The range of choice means that every couple will eventually find their perfect setting and have their happily every after, but how do you choose??

Lucky for me, myself and my partner had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and quickly decided that a country house with surrounding woodland would be perfect for us.

But what if your not sure? You need to decide what best suits you as a couple; do you dream of a huge family wedding with everyone you love surrounding you? Then maybe a countryside stately home is for you. Or do you wish for a low-key intimate ceremony with a only a few witness? Maybe a garden marquee is more your style? When picking your venue here are a few things to consider:

Budget – You need to consider how much you can afford on a venue, once you’ve decided this you can begin your hunt! Most places can get booked up pretty quickly, so it’s normal to have this sorted 12-18 months before your wedding. However, if your not fussy about a venue you could get a great deal at last minute or if your chosen place has a cancellation.

Location – When looking for a venue the location is very important. It needs to be easy for your guests to travel to; if your wanting something a little further afield, putting transport on from the ceremony to reception could make everyone feel more at ease. Do you want to tie the knot near where you live? or where you grew up? Weddings abroad can be perfect for some couples, but you’ll need to think about who would be able to get there. The cost can be more expensive for your guests if you decide to leave the country for your nuptials. For us, providing accommodation for our guests was a must, luckily within our deal we received a set of reserved rooms. Winner!

Theme – When choosing your venue, I found it helpful to already have a pretty good idea of what I wanted for a theme. Matching your venue to your theme is key; for example a wedding in a barn would pair well with a rustic/vintage feel. On the other hand, a seaside theme would look out of place in a grand castle. Always keep the bigger picture in mind.

One last piece of advice I’d give is to visit your venue when it has a wedding fayre/show on. That way you’ll get to meet vendors who have worked at the venue before, so they will be knowledgeable about what could work for you. Also you’ll get to see your venue dressed up, which for me made it all the more real!

Happy hunting!


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